Hello, I'm Michi!

I'm a Guatemalan graphic designer and illustrator based in France. My work focuses on character design, and digital illustration. I'm inspired by the importance of storytelling and evoking emotions through design. 
Passionate about representation in the media and little details.

I was part of the board of directors of Limonada Bandida, a collective of female illustrators, fighting against inequality in the field of design. With the objective of disseminating, exhibiting, and teaching illustration to women and little girls. 
Lover of kitties, graphic novels, and black coffee.
Have an idea in mind? 
Get in touch and I would love to discuss it:
Press Start, Festival Capiusa (2017)
Festival Prisma (2018)
Festival Fame, Quetzaltenango (2018)
Empowered Women, LOOK MAGAZINE (2018)
A Flor de Piel with Limonada Bandida (2018)
FILGUA, Book Fair (Feria del Libro) (2019) 
Girls who Dream, Limonada Bandida (2020)
Expo Diversa Virtual La Fanzine (2020)
Exposición Alas de Papel, Fundación contra
el Hambre (2020)
Fine ACTS, SPRINTS x TEDx Bootcamp -
Artists for Climate (2023)
Some Clients
Facebook Meta
Yalo Chat
UN Human Rights of Guatemala
Web we Want Foundation
Educo & Comunicares
Fintual Chile
The Internet Society

Women SIG
AESDI Guatemala 
Niñas Furia
Claro Guatemala

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