I'm a guatemalan graphic designer and illustrator, born in 1995. I specialized in character design, motion graphics and digital illustration. My work is inspired by communicating a concept, storytelling and evoking emotions through design. I'm passionate about color palettes, representation on the media and the importance of little details
I have exhibited my work in different exhibitions in Guatemala and I have taught anatomical drawing and advertising drawing classes at the Rafael Landívar University and Occidente University.  
I've collaborated with different groups such as Limonada Bandida and Niñas Furia, and imparted workshops in design festivals such as Adherente and ITSMO university.

I'm also part of the board of directors of Limonada Bandida, a collective of female illustrators, fighting against inequality in the field of design. With the objective of disseminating, exhibiting and teaching illustration to women and little girls. 

I loves cats, graphic novels and coffee.
Some Clients

Superside - Facebook Account / Yalo Chat / Claro / Relato.gt / Web we Want Foundation / Educo / The Internet Society / Women SIG / AESDI Guatemala / Banrural / Fintual Chile / Nana Luna / Niñas Furia / Nosotras Guatemala / United Nations of Human Rights
- Press Start, Festival Capiusa - French Alliance (2017)
- Festival Prisma - Galería Punto Cero AVIA (2018)
- Festival Fame, Quetzaltenango (2018)
- Empowered Women - LOOK MAGAZINE (2018)
- A Flor de Piel with Limonada Bandida - 1001 Noches (2018)
- FILGUA, Book Fair (Feria del Libro) (2019) 
- Girls who Dream - Mapa en Relieve de Guatemala (2020)
- Expo Diversa Virtual La Fanzine - Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, Antigua Guatemala. (2020)
- Exposición Alas de Papel - Fundación contra el Hambre Guatemala (2020)
If you want to work with me don't hesitate to contact me: